DIY Wedding Pennant Banner

The biggest thing about planning and decorating your wedding yourself is the time. Although you may think you have a ton of time, it will quickly fly by and you will find yourself in the final week trying to get all you want done. A simple remedy would be to hire someone to do the planning or decorating. If you are on a strict budget though that isn’t really an option.

I wanted to share with you a decorating element that can be done very easily and quickly…and that is the pennant banner. Now I will admit I’m just beginning to sew and not the best at it so this DIY wedding pennant banner actually requires no sewing! Which makes it even faster!

My mom turns fifty in a month and we are having a big party for her at my house. I am trying to start working on the decorations now so that is what my pennant banner is for. I definitely didn’t want an “Over the Hill” party for her though so I picked the brightest colors I could find!


Supplies You Will Need:
- Colorful Fabric (solid or patterned works fine). I found fabric that was the same on both sides so that worked out great because I didn’t have to double side my banner.
- Grosgrain Ribbon
- Liquid Stitch
- Scissors, Pencil, and Iron


Step One:
Make a triangle on cardstock paper and then trace it many times onto the different fabrics you have. It works best and much faster to do it this way than to measure out the triangle every time.


Step Two:
Cut out all the different triangles. (Honestly Step One and Two are the most time consuming so try and round up some friends or bridesmaids to help you with it.)

Step Three:
Fold your Grosgrain ribbon in half and iron on it to get it to stay folded like that. Then put a few spots of liquid stitch per triangle and stick it in between the folded ribbon. Make sure you get both sides and then rub over it to help it stick more. Lay on a flat surface to dry for an hour or so and then you are ready to hang and decorate!


See I told you that was easy! Now you can make a bunch more and have plenty to hang at your wedding or party.


P.S. My mantle also has the last DIY project that I did on it! The DIY Map Graphic

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